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Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer & Rotary Surface Cleaner

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I use professional industrial cleaning equipment for this purpose, consisting of an idustrial petrol powered pressure washer, and a Whirlaway rotary hard surface cleaner. The Whirlaway is designed specifically for the purpose of hard surface cleaning. It connects to the pressure washer and has a spinning head of two high pressure water jets which clean the surfaces in a very even manner.

The pressure washer unit is very powerful and can be used with a variety of jet washing lances and nozzles. This provides a versatile combination when used with the Whirlaway rotary cleaner. Although the power washer has a maximum pressure output of 2700 psi, the pressure output can be adjusted depending on the type of surface being cleaned to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Timber Decking

Weathered Timber Decking Transformed Using The Correct Equipment

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Timber decking which has become tired and mossy can be transformed by pressure cleaning. I have seen many decks ruined by overzealous high pressure jetting. The rotary cleaner is by far the best way to clean a timber deck. But care needs to be taken not to use too high a pressure. I always ensure that the water pressure from the pressure washer is reduced to a level that does not damage the surface, whilst removing the layers of dirt and flaking paint or stain. Many timber decks are damaged by using a high pressure jet wash lance.

Deck Staining Or Repainting

deck staining

Once cleaned I can finish your decking with a stain or paint of your choice. Including non-slip coatings if required.

Driveways & Block Paving

Moss & Weeds Cleaned From Lock Block Drive

drive1 drive2 drive3

Lock Block driveways look great when they are relatively new, but often become clogged with moss and weeds making them look unsightly. Soil tends to build up in the joints allowing weeds and moss to establish.

The rotary cleaner provides a much more even finish than solely using the high pressure lance. This avoids a patchy or striped finish when dry.

Joint Resanding Is Essential After Cleaning

sanding sanding

By using the Whirlaway rotary high pressure cleaner the soil and vegetation can be effectively removed in preparation of resanding the joints with kiln dried sand, which is essential to prevent new weeds from establishing quickly and also acts as a "glue" by friction to keep the blocks from becoming loose or moving.

Driveway Sealing

I am often asked to seal lock block paving once cleaned, however I tend not to recommend sealing, since in the North East climate I believe it is very difficult to acheive a satisfactory finish due to the weather conditions, and is more liable to look unsightly due to dampness in the blocks or uneven drying.

Paving Slabs & Concrete Paths

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Much of what I have mentioned above can apply to paths and paving slabs. Although some care needs to be taken with some types of slab. Indian Sandstone for example can easily be damaged by high pressure jetting, so in this instance I would only recommend using a low pressure clean with the rotary cleaner before treating with a moss and algae killer.

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